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What we offer

MetroNow_32x32 Metro NOW

Metro’s benefits and features are second to none. OptionsCity is committed to giving options traders an innovative fully configurable electronic trading solution.

CityStore_32x32 City Store

City Store makes Metro NOW fully customizable, with access to a broad range of custom widgets and algorithms.  Users can now tailor their trading experience to fit their specific functional requirements.

Freeway_32x32 Freeway

Freeway is a fast and powerful server-based trading platform for quick development and deployment of custom automated trading strategies.

Freeway_32x32 CityTrader

Get full exchange functionality for a fraction of the price with CityTrader. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform offers advanced functionality, such as spread-building and RFQs, with the speed and analytical power to impress even the most demanding customers.

Freeway_32x32 City API

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Whether you’re a developer or a dairy farmer, lead your industry with full access to streaming market data on futures and options on futures. By leveraging City API, a set of secure and scalable REST-based APIs, you can easily and efficiently make more informed trading and investment decisions, or customize your own platform to empower others to do the same.


OptionsCity Hosting, coupled with OptionsCity’s robust software platform, enables clients to quickly connect to major financial exchanges around the world allowing clients to cut capital and operational costs and focus on trading opportunities. The new offering includes both proximity and colocation hosting in strategic data center locations across the U.S. and Europe.

Hosting Architecture

OptionsCity Hosting leverages data centers in Chicago, Aurora, New Jersey, London, Frankfurt, and Basildon. Technical advantages of OptionsCity Hosting include high quality network performance, low latency connectivity and a redundant, fault-tolerant, scalable and secure infrastructure.

How it all works
Ecosystem Larger

Metro and Freeway are built for speed. Our server-based architecture was designed to allow for speed and scalability, connecting directly to the exchange matching engine.

Metro is an out-of-the-box platform with an intuitive user interface that gives traders and market makers full control of options pricing and risk management and to execute electronically. Freeway is an engine that sits in this ecosystem and works with Metro; it allows users to build and automate strategies and algorithms. Users can even put in their own strategies and algorithms side by side with the rest of the trading ecosystem, and write their own code.

OptionsCity Metro is made up of two main parts – CityServer and CityFront. CityServer, which is the backbone of Metro, contains the quoting engine, theoretical value generator, risk manager, and exchange connectivity APIs. CityFront, with an easy to use interface, resides on the trading workstations. Traders can control, manage, and monitor everything that’s going on with their trades and view as much or as little information as they’d like to.

Freeway’s architecture is optimized for efficiency and high throughput with micro-second “in-process” execution of algorithms.  Freeway allows for simultaneous direct access to various exchanges with support for third-party order routing.