identify and manage risk with risk command center

Introducing Risk Command Center


Analysis Tools to put you in control

monitor multiple groups on multiple risk axes

Highly customizable with options for pricing off of different underlying sources, pricing models, and user defined product groupings. The Risk Command Center enables you to better manage risk whether you are at a clearing firm, a proprietary trading firm or a commercial hedger.


Risk Reporting Panel

  • Populated configurable folders with defined assets, trade accounts, and more
  • Create a variety of custom risk reports, export excel, and quickly export as PDFs
  • Choose from multiple theo sources to create skews

Historical Trade Viewer

  • Historical Trade Viewer organizes trade history in a single intuitive hub
  • Filter by product, user, server, data range, and more

Volatility Skew Data

  • Visually compare skew risk to sources such as settle, bid, and ask
  • Customize views and zoom in to inspect risk at granular levels




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