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Terms and Conditions

The following outlines the terms of OptionsCity Software’s referral program:


1. Referral Program.

Customers will receive a $1,500 credit on their next invoice for any referral they provide that results in a new OptionsCity license.


2. Limited Time Only.

This Program is for a limited time only, and will run from November 15, 2014 until the December 31, 2014.  For a referral to qualify under the program the resulting license must be activated by January 1, 2015.


3. Registration of Referrals.

To qualify as a referral, it must be first registered by submitting a Referral Registration Form to OptionsCity. The acceptance of the referral does not guarantee any sales results.


4. Multiple Referrals.

You may submit an unlimited number of referrals; however, you must abide by the spirit of the program and should only submit qualified referrals of individuals known personally to you.  Additionally, in the event multiple individuals submit the same individual as a referral, the first individual who made the submission will receive the referral credit.


5. Who Can Participate.

Any existing Customer of OptionsCity can participate in the Program to refer a friend for an OptionsCity license.  However, you may not recommend individuals who are with a firm that is already an OptionsCity customer.


6. Automatic Credit for Existing Customers.

Any additional licenses acquired and activated before January 1, 2015 by existing customers of OptionsCity will automatically qualify for the referral credit of the respective firm and do not have to be registered as a referral.