Trading Canadian Short-Term Interest Rates

The Montreal Exchange (MX) and OptionsCity hosted a webinar on Tuesday, February 12th. This webinar covers trading OBX short-term interest rate options on MX. You will learn first-hand how to capitalize on a product that continues to increase in volume and breadth. MX sheds light on their recently launched market maker initiative. In addition, you will learn how OptionsCity can help you access this market from both the U.S. and Canada.

Alexandre Ruggiero, Business Development Manager, MX

Alexandre Ruggiero has served as Business Development Manager in fixed income derivatives at the Montréal Exchange since November 2010. Prior to joining the exchange, he had over 5 years of experience trading US and UK equities.


Jim Abbott, Business Development, OptionsCity Software

Jim Abbott offers a trader’s perspective to the OptionsCity business development team. He
has over 17 years industry experience as both a market maker on the CBOE floor and as an
electronic screen based trader, trading both equity and index based options.