Exploring Automated Trading:

RCG and OptionsCity hosted a live webinar covering various topics pertaining to automated trading and focusing on how both futures and options traders can successfully apply automation strategies with regard to algo strategies.

In this webinar we also discuss the latest trends in the algorithmic trading space including:

– Automated Trading Strategies
– Leveraging High Volatility Environments
– Market making/quoting vs. automation
– Modeling/Theoretical Pricing
– Taking an algorithm to execution

An overview of RCG’s capabilities and OptionsCity’s multi-asset, automated trading software is provided.

Hosted by:

Kevin West, Senior Client Relationship Manager at Rosenthal Collins Group 

Kevin joined the Rosenthal Collins Group family in 2002 honing his skills working on the floor as a clerk, as proprietary trader and finally team leader of our Retail Self-Directed Team. Kevin is an expert in all products and services provided at RCG and will provide a brief overview of some of the powerful and robust trading tools available as a RCG Customer.

Andrew Lisy, Algo Product Manager at OptionsCity Software 

Andrew is Algo Product Manager for automated trading at OptionsCity Software in Chicago. Formerly an associate director of business strategy at GETCO and an algorithmic trading platform lead for PEAK6, his experience in quantitative trading and building software platforms lends a sophisticated technical dialogue to the discussion. Andrew holds a BS in both computer science and finance from MIT.

Loren Reinhardt, Business Development at OptionsCity Software 

Loren is a member of the business development team at OptionsCity Software in Chicago. He previously served as the head of institutional business development for Livevol. Having held an associate post at Wall Street Access and working as an electronic market maker in the equity options space for IMC Financial Markets, Loren brings a focused knowledge of the financial industry and electronic trading to the conversation.