With option volumes increasing over almost every asset class, how can traders better lock in on a moving target? Join Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) and OptionsCity as the landscape of asset class volumes and changing growth in the pit, electronic, and OTC futures options markets are explored. An overview of the software and clearing relationships that reveal these opportunities are also discussed.


•           Option volumes exceed pre-crisis levels of 2008 with growth expected to continue

•           Overall exchange volume by asset class

•           Growth rate by asset class

•           Where is the volume?

•           How trading is changing over different asset classes and what new products are exchanges introducing to address regulation, global trading and asset specific needs.

•           RCG background and snapshot of client and product growth

•           Overview of OptionsCity solutions



Patrick Carey, VP eTrading Operations

Rosenthal Collins Group


Bob Kallay, Director of Product Management

OptionsCity Software


Pat Gardner, Business Development

OptionsCity Software