Bringing Algos to Life with Advantage Futures and OptionsCity:

Advantage Futures and OptionsCity hosted a live webinar focused on the life cycle of sophisticated trading algos. In this educational and interactive presentation we demonstrate how properly written components can be fused together with proprietary logic to create a customized, yet cost-effective trading solution.

– Algo design from conception to production to execution
– Testing and deployment
– The best hardware for the Job
– Hosted solutions, colocation, and more

An overview of Advantage Futures services and OptionsCity’s multi-asset, automated trading software is provided.

Hosted by:

Ambaj Sharma
Advantage Futures
Sr. VP Information Technology
Ambaj joined the Advantage Futures technology team in 2003. He began his career as an intern at Fuji Futures in 2000, while attending the University of Illinois Chicago. After completing his BS in Information and Decision Sciences, Ambaj became a full-time employee at Fuji Futures in 2001.

Andrew Lisy
OptionsCity Software
Algo Product Manager
Andrew started out his career as a trader, trading convertible bonds at Merrill Lynch, then moving to equity derivatives at PEAK6. Unable to resist the innate urge to boss around computers, he was soon lured to the technology side, specializing in programmatic trading platforms for options traders. After spending some time evaluating new business opportunities as associate director of business strategy for GETCO, he now focuses on making OptionsCity Freeway better, faster and stronger as Algo Product Manager, where his experience in quantitative trading and software platforms lends a sophisticated technical dialogue to the discussion. Andrew holds a BS in computer science and a BS in finance from MIT.

Pat Gardner
OptionsCity Software
Business Development
Pat is a member of the business development team at OptionsCity Software in Chicago. He has over 5 years experience in the financial technology field, and he specializes in matching traders with electronic trading, market making, and algorithmic trading solutions. Pat holds a BA in Finance from Miami University.