Options Trading Software for Professional Traders

OptionsCity provides professional traders and institutions with the options trading and multi-asset automated tools and technology to streamline trading operations.

OptionsCity Metro is a fully configurable electronic options trading platform incorporating option pricing, execution, and risk management into a single robust solution.

A Complete Solution for Options Trading
  • A sophisticated set of skewing methods and mathematical pricing models
  • Clear graphical presentation and advanced manipulation tools for volatility, skews, and prices
  • Intuitive trade sheets allowing users to easily price spreads and request quotes
Rapid Development and Deployment
  • Direct exchange access and ultra-low latency trade execution
  • Access to algorithms through the Algo Store allowing
  • Quick development, deployment, and testing in Freeway’s comprehensive development environment

Looking for professional options trading algos?

OptionsCity’s Algo Store is a marketplace where algorithms and strategy components specifically designed for professional options trading are available for purchase.

Options related algos for purchase in the Algo Store include:

  • Auto-RFQ Job by Kevin Reeves
  • Fast Futures Algo by R. Scott Morris
  • Target Mission by OptionsCity

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Our Solution



The platform for professional traders

  • Advanced manipulation tools for volatility, skews, and prices
  • Easily price spreads and request quotes
  • Seamless management on both OTC and listed instruments



The engine for trading automation

  • Simple yet powerful development API using Java or Scala
  • Stay on top of dynamic market conditions and jobs in real-time
  • Record and replay historical market data at different speeds