Trading on Nasdaq Futures With OptionsCity Metro Now

Nasdaq Futures NFX

OptionsCity is excited to support the launch of new NFX contracts. The Options City Metro NOW platform will allow market makers and professional traders in the energy markets to seamlessly trade NFX products in addition to already existing CME Group and ICE Exchange energy products.

Two Custom Solutions

Pricing and Risk Bundle

  • Advanced options pricing across multiple exchanges from one screen
  • Comprehensive risk tools with product aggregation capabilities
  • Access to OTC and electronic products
  • ICE Chat, CME Messenger, and Excel integrations
  • Neutral platform not owned by any exchange

Execution, Pricing and Risk Bundle

  • Execute on multiple exchanges from one screen
  • Product linking for efficient skew management
  • Quickly build complex spreads and send RFQs
  • Dynamic quoting engine, auto-execute opportunities with Target Finder, and auto-respond to RFQs
  • Trade OTC and electronic products at the same time
  • Fully hosted and co-located server-based solution

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