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Metro is a high performance, server-based professional options trading platform that allows users to build and buy, taking advanced off-the-shelf software and adding a growing library of custom in-house Apps. It comes out-of-the-box with traditional Metro Apps, such as options pricing, risk management and execution, and allows users to access and download an expanding catalog of Apps from the City Store.


Get Custom Fitted at the City Store

Endless potential and personalization

The City Store allows options on futures traders to fully personalize their Metro trading experience by offering a library of downloadable Apps for adding custom functionality. Seamless integration means no downtime or development time, so you can continue trading as you like without disruption.

An expanding library of custom in-house widgets is at your fingertips


    The execution category includes widgets that involve order management, unique hedging approaches, quoting or quote management, limit or margin tracking, and various execution strategies.


    The analytics category includes widgets that involve market data analysis, data visualization, order or data tracking, statistics or reporting, and general utilities to enhance your ability to analyze data.


    The pricing category includes widgets that involve pricing models, volatility skew management, artificial or predictive pricing, and general utilities meant to enhance your pricing abilities.



Smart Links, offered in the latest version of Metro, has the power to advance the way traders manage their workflows by allowing seamless, bi-directional integration between out-of-the-box Metro windows and external application.

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OptionsCity in the News

  • 23Mar '17
    OptionsCity Improves Trader Workflows with New Metro Smart Links

    Smart Links has the power to advance the way traders manage their workflows as related to trading and analysis. It also works seamlessly with options and underlying market bookdepth views, creating a much simpler interface for analysis and execution.

  • 8Dec '16
    Euler Investments Selects OptionsCity for Market-Making Software and API Services

    Euler Investments OptionsCity Metro to facilitate their market-making activities. Traders at Euler Investments will leverage Metro in the energy and commodity markets.

  • 16Aug '16
    Inside Metro: A Q&A with OptionsCity’s CTO, Victor Glava

    While the Metro platform has always been highly intuitive, this latest version drastically improves upon our previous versions and, we think, puts Metro’s performance far ahead of our competitors. So, the stability, quality, ease of use, intuitiveness, and feature set are what set this version apart from the rest – whether those are in-house systems or our direct competitors.

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