Market Maker Software for Trading Professionals

Change the way traders think about and utilize technology.

OptionsCity Metro is a high performance, sever-based options trading platform with powerful server-side execution, systemic low latency, and direct access to global derivative exchanges and OTC markets.

Quickly customize and adjust trading strategies
  • Collaborative trading platform for market makers
  • 10+ pricing models and skew methods to fit any market or trading style
  • Dial-in custom edge requirements for a range of strategy types
  • Quickly prioritize and respond to incoming RFQs
  • Generate risk reports incorporating volatility and time shocks
  • Price, evaluate, and RFQ multi-legged strategies
Robust reporting and risk management tools
  • Generate risk reports incorporating volatility and time shocks
  • Tap into 4 levels of quoting safety as pre-defined risk conditions are met
  • Easily adjust edge / size quoting parameters from a single quoting widget
  • Utilize automatic edge adjustments based on delta, vega, or market size
  • Quickly create Target Missions to show or auto-execute market making
  • Define auto-hedge settings on an instrument-by-instrument basis
  • Define auto-hedge settings for outrights and complex strategies

Looking for market making components and professional trading algos?

OptionsCity’s City Store is a a library of Apps where algorithms and strategy components specifically designed for market making and professional options trading are available for download.

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The platform for professional traders

  • Advanced manipulation tools for volatility, skews, and prices
  • Easily price spreads and request quotes
  • Seamless management on both OTC and listed instruments



The engine for trading automation

  • Simple yet powerful development API using Java or Scala
  • Stay on top of dynamic market conditions and jobs in real-time
  • Record and replay historical market data at different speeds