Unparalleled Hosting Services

Expand Your Network with Seamless Global Access

OptionsCity has developed a scalable, high-speed global hosting architecture to allow traders to instantaneously access exchanges across the U.S. and Europe. This delivers high-throughput network performance and a secure infrastructure for trading. Furthermore, servers co-located with exchange matching engines deliver ultra-low latency during trading. OptionsCity Hosting, coupled with Metro NOW's robust software platform offering seamless delivery, significantly lowers the operational costs of trading and opens up worldwide trading possibilities.


Access OptonsCity's Strategic data centers

OptionsCity is focused on providing the complete trading solution for options on futures traders. Given that many of our clients are latency sensitive, we provide hosting services and server colocation in close proximity to exchange matching engines. This is particularly important for traders running automated strategies through blackbox systems or market makers who are required to stream prices in a timely manner. No matter what your need, OptionsCity is here to help optimize your performance.

  • Equinix (CH2)

    Chicago, IL, USA
    Utilized by a large percentage of the futures trading community, this Equinix center (350 E Cermak) is a POP for the CME's data distribution network and is the North American hub for ICE and Eurex.

  • CME Group Colocation Facility (DC3)

    Aurora, IL, USA
    This colocation facility houses the CME Globex matching engine and utilizes equidistant cross connects to the engine from all cabinets.

  • Equinix (NY4)

    New Jersey, USA
    Location for trade matching engine for CBOE, C2, CFE, ISE, BOX, and others. Co-location at the 340,000 square foot, carrier neutral, center has become a new industry standard.

  • Interxion (LON1)

    London, England
    A major hub for European trading, Interxion is a state-of-the-art carrier-neutral data centre offering sub-millisecond connectivity to all major European liquidity venues.

  • Equinix (FR2)

    Frankfurt, Germany
    Provides lowest latency order routing for Eurex traders and 5 to 8 milliseconds away from London markets. Central matching engine for Eurex and EEX exchanges located here.