An Unsung Financial Technology Hero: Noise-Canceling Headphones

An Unsung Financial Technology Hero: Noise-Canceling Headphones

An Announcement on the Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference: for Developers, by Developers

Our developers craft electronic trading platforms to perform with lightning-fast efficiency and high throughput. They codify the software responsible for neatly organizing, translating, and executing the daily market chaos of exchange trading pits and global markets; they architect microsecond automation and feedback loops wrought with fast-flashing, brightly-colored signals, and attention-grabbing audio alerts – all of which, on a collective sensory level, rival a frenetic (yet insanely intelligent) potentially profit-generating pinball machine.

However, the interesting dichotomy is that our behind-the-scenes financial technology change-makers typically require a completely opposite sensory experience in order to focus on building superior trading platforms like OptionsCity Metro. They consciously remove distractions not on their project priority list. They require solitude, ample time to code, test, and re-test, and often … a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Tech firms managing the controls of financial innovation sometimes need to take a step back and slip on a pair of proverbial noise-canceling headphones in order to maintain focus on the year’s major projects.

Whether as a business, as a team, or as an individual, you must know your core values, your purpose and your time –what are the most important projects to be focused on?

At OptionsCity, we’ve not lost sight of that on this speedway.

For the past two years OptionsCity Software has hosted the Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference: for Developers, by Developers, which has drawn more than 350 attendees from the financial industry. It has been a resounding success and the feedback from both the developer and trading community has been outstanding.

However, for 2014, we’re breaking out the noise-canceling headphones.

As a team, we’ve strategically decided to forego this year’s conference in favor of keeping our staff and developers’ focus on a number of major software innovations set for release in 2014.

(Click here to see what we’ve been up to.)

The decision was not an easy one (who doesn’t love a good conference dedicated to innovation?) but with aggressive release schedules and a nod to the time and energy of our conference presenters (also OptionsCity developers), it was necessary. We do, however, anticipate bringing the Chicago Algorithmic Trading Conference back in 2015.

If you missed last year’s event, we invite you to check out the sessions and video recap and be sure to stay in touch with OptionsCity for information on next year’s conference.

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