OptionsCity provides a complete automated trading solution for algorithmic traders that utilize our award-winning, out-of-the-box platforms and pricing and analytics expertise. By offering algorithms and customization on the City Store and Freeway, we can help you build out your technology.


Our Toolbox

OptionsCity’s out-of-the-box products are a proven combination of technological advancement and financial innovation, and provide a solid foundation for traders and trading businesses.

  • Metro

    Metro is a high performance, server-based options trading platform.

  • City Store
    City Store

    City Store offers a library of downloadable applications for adding custom functionalities to Metro.

  • Freeway

    Freeway is a powerful trading platform for quick development of custom automated trading strategies.

Our Solution for Algorithmic Traders

  • #1 marketplace expertise in options technology
  • Nimble & efficient team help you save time with a reduced development-to-deployment life-cycles
  • Easily build and test strategies to quickly act on market opportunities
  • Intuitive interface, integrated data visualization and graphical analysis
  • Interact with historical data and third-party tools
  • Access City Store algorithms, automation, and custom functionality