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Our multi-asset automated trading platform designed for micro-second execution.

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Rated 4 out of 4 by Futures Magazine
2012 Best Options Trading Platform
2013 Best Options Trading Platform - Client Service
Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards.

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A unique repository for creating, purchasing, and downloading algorithms; a marketplace for algorithmic innovation.

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Easy to use

OptionsCity® delivers speed, functionality, and simplicity in powerful server-based solutions.

Fast and powerful server-based solutions

Metro™ and Freeway™ are high performance platforms offering powerful server-side execution and overall minimum latency.

Direct exchange connectivity

Direct access to various exchanges and unified market access enabling new connections as needed.

Configurable and extensible

Configure and customize your user interface, manage volatility and pricing, view risk scenarios, and have complete control over automated trading functions.


“I have truly enjoyed working with the OptionsCity team and watching this innovative company grow to compete with larger vendors. OptionsCity has...

Todd Rich, Director of Strategic Sales, NYSE Technologies

“[While at] CBOE/CBSX I worked with OptionsCity on several different initiatives, including connecting directly to CBSX for market maker equity...

Patty Schuler, VP of Sales and Marketing, Boston Options Exchange

“OptionsCity provides us with a high level of tailored programs in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Their innovative style and...

Frank Napolitano, Chief Executive Officer Prime International Trading, Ltd.

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with OptionsCity to the point that we recommend their services to our colleagues seeking model...

Jeff Kupets, Managing Member Mustang Trading, LLC

“I’ve enjoyed working with this young, innovative company and watching them contend with some of the major electronic trading platform providers...

Doug Hoffman, Director, Business Development, CBOE

“OptionsCity has created a powerful tool for today's options trader. With its high level of customization and innovative features, OptionsCity has...

Paul Palmeri, Head Trader, Andrie Trading