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Electronic Trading Simplified
Why choose OptionsCity?
High Performance
Metro and Freeway provide a high performance solution offering server-side execution and overall minimum latency.
Direct Exchange Access
Direct access to global exchanges and OTC markets with unified market access enabling new connections as needed.
Intuitive & Streamlined
OptionsCity delivers complex functionality through simple, easy-to-use interfaces and APIs.
Configure and customize the user interface, manage volatility and pricing, view risk scenarios, and have complete control over automated trading functions.
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With OptionsCity, professional traders can:

  • Create, view, or auto-execute trading opportunities with ease
  • Create custom rules to heat map market conditions in all widgets
  • Select from 10+ pricing models and skew methods to fit any market or trading style
  • View and fit implied or settlement skews quickly

With OptionsCity, market makers can:

  • Utilize the precision of automatic edge adjustments based on delta, vega, or market size
  • Create, view, or auto-execute trading opportunities with ease
  • Tap into 4 levels of quoting safety as pre-defined risk conditions are met
  • Select from 10+ pricing models and skew methods to fit any market or trading style

With OptionsCity, automated and algorithmic traders can:

  • Capitalize on market opportunities faster with a reduced development-to-deployment lifecycle
  • Build strategies in a comprehensive development environment with simple APIs
  • Execute strategies seamlessly via Metro integration
  • Record / replay historical data at different speeds with simulation tools

With OptionsCity, brokers can:

  • Quickly view and filter incoming strategies with the RFQ Hotlist
  • Price complex spreads in half the time with SmartComplete
  • Execute orders with custom edge requirements swiftly and simply
  • View relevant pricing and greeks at a glance with Trade Sheets
  • Quickly post cross orders to the exchange

With OptionsCity, risk managers can:

  • Organize risk by creating a custom viewing hierarchy
  • Easily sort risk views by greek, month, product, and more
  • Visually compare skew risk to sources such as settle, bid, and ask
  • Choose from multiple theo sources to create skews
  • Quickly build a variety of custom risk reports for easy export
“OptionsCity has created a powerful tool for today’s options trader. With its high level of customization and innovative features, OptionsCity has allowed us to adapt to a changing marketplace.”
Paul Palmeri, Andrie Trading
“I am very pleased with OptionsCity’s client service and support.”
Bret Lannert, WSP Commodities
What we offer

MetroNow_32x32 Metro NOW

Metro’s benefits and features are second to none. OptionsCity is committed to giving options traders an innovative fully configurable electronic trading solution.

CityStore_32x32 City Store

The City Store makes Metro NOW fully customizable, with access to a broad range of custom widgets and algorithms. Users can now tailor their trading experience to fit their specific functional requirements.

Freeway_32x32 CityTrader

Get full exchange functionality for a fraction of the price with CityTrader. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform offers advanced functionality, such as spread-building and RFQs, with the speed and analytical power to impress even the most demanding customers.

Freeway_32x32 City API

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Whether you’re a developer or a dairy farmer, lead your industry with full access to streaming market data on futures and options on futures. By leveraging City API, a set of secure and scalable REST-based APIs, you can easily and efficiently make more informed trading and investment decisions, or customize your own platform to empower others to do the same.

Freeway_32x32 Freeway

Freeway is a powerful server-based, multi-asset trading engine designed for quick development and deployment of custom automated trading strategies.